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From Vintage to Classic to Amphibian

Including the world’s first High Speed Amphibious Vehicles

If you are interested in Vintage and Classic motor cars and their restoration, then you are likely to know the name "Royle". ‘From Vintage to Classic to Amphibian’ brings to life one man’s lifework restoring over 900 award winning vintage and classic cars that have been publicised for more than 35 years in most of the specialist motor car club and motoring magazines. In addition, over the last 23 years, the name ‘Royle’ has been synonymous with the design and development of the world’s first high speed amphibious vehicles.

Because of the nature of the work, which to most people is their pastime or hobby, the book, with its mix of wide ranging subjects, will be of interest to a broad range of people, with 750 pages illustrated with over 1800 images.

A conglomeration of stories, reports and letters which will give the reader an insight into the range of unusual and interesting events which have happened to the author down the years. This Large and impressive book of the history includes the ‘nitty gritty’ parts of the story which makes for interesting reading…

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